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Glow Venus Aphrodite Mia Mor

GLOW Lady Go Diva

For all dogs pedigree, titles, talents, and health testing go to main page of our dogs /nos chiens

Each of our dogs has a document with copies of certificates and titles available upon request.

Health tests 

Optigen: PRA “A”, I= Normal by parentage

DM & Diversity Certificate will be available soon 

When she becomes 24 month she will have the hips and patella's done.

All her health certificates will be in a document available upon request


Mia was Born 

May 14, 2017


HerMother & Fatehr are Grand Champions Neige and Alfie. 





Alfie & Neige Valentine card_6471s.jpg

Née le 14 de Mai 2017


pour la version Française.


Venus 8 weeks_7114.jpg
Mia face_3013.jpg
Mia+Joy & Laurie-4.jpg
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