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“Honey Brown”

aka Honey Bunny, Rescued from SPCA

Died at around 18 years of age March, 2011

He is the reason I started to breed poodles...
He came into my life when I lost my job at Bombardier and I was very lonely. 
He was extremely smart and funny. He filled my life with laughter and love. Later when Daniel came into my life he became attached to him as well.

We took him with us everywhere...
When he was 11 years old he had an accident and became paralyzed, he was taken to acupuncture and later Tequila helped him to recover. 



 April 2007/2019

03-Tequi_3304 cert.jpg

When Honey got ill, I could not face to be Poodle-less...
I was able to find a Tequila and she was my first CKC registered Poodle. She was a natural therapy dog... She gave Honey the will to live, and walk again.

She was my first experience on breeding, and I learned a lot through her about  NOT doing line breeding.
I had to spade her because she had health issues and I worked on Certifying her as therapy dog. 
My neighbor next door, sent the city and I had to place her with Denise, who used to take her to work at a dental clinic to assist anxious patients. 

Paw Prints On My Heart

We raise our puppies with love from day one, and as they grow they create memories, becoming part of our family.


Each one of my dogs is an individual, each one is different, with their little comic expressions, with various personalities, with talents, with faults…

Each one with different aptitudes, laughs, tears, good times left  many memories deep in our hearts, which integrated them as part of our family and the older they got the more attached we got to them.


Just like with adopted children, we took pride of their accomplishments.

Sometimes, I got depressed because life circumstances obliged us to place some of our sweethearts. Other times they stayed until they crossed the rainbow bridge, and it was still more painful...


This is a special thanks to all the dogs that enriched our life with laughter and love because they left PAW PRINTS ON OUR HEART...

Nos chiots sont élevés avec amour dès le premier jour. À mesure qu'ils grandissent ils créent des souvenirs et font partie de notre famille.


Chacun est unique, chacun est différent et chacun est spécial... Avec leurs petites expressions comiques, leur personnalité, leurs talents, et leurs défauts...

Ces souvenirs qui s’imprègnent dans notre famille, plus ils vieillissent, plus nous sommes attachés à eux, et plus ils sont dépendants de nous…


Tout comme les enfants adoptés, nous sommes fiers de ce qu’ils deviennent.

Des fois j'etais triste de les placer dans un autre famille d'acuille a cause des circumtances dans ma vie, mais autrefois ils on reste jusque a fin de leur vies, puis ete encore plus dure de partir...


C'est un grand merci à toutes mes chiens qui ont contribué en émettant la richese de amour et joi dans ma vie... ils on laisee ces traces de pates dans mon coeur.



Ch. “Porto With Attitude”

Aug. 2009/Oct 2021

ADC (Agility Dog of Canada Novice)

SGDC (Starters Games Dog of Canada

ADC (Agility Dog of Canada Intermedia

SGDC (Intermedia Games Dog of Canada)

He was my first Ch. and through him I learned the importance of good health testing and pedigree. 
He took forever to finish his Championship! However, I learned to keep hair and he bonded very strongly with me.

We had a lot of fun doing agility and he became really good at it, completing many titles up to Intermedia level. He had a sense of humour and he even knew how to smile. :-)

He was very enthusiastic about playing ball and the neighbor next door forced me to place him with a my friend Alta, who loved him dearly to the last of his days...

Clarita_ 304.gif

Ch. “Denote Glow Claire de Lune”
aka Clarita

8 Nov. 2009/Aug. 2023
She also completed Agility trials and had titles:

ADC (Agility Dog of Canada Novice)

SGDC (Starters Games Dog of Canada)

She was very obedient and smart.

She was my first Champion of good quality and pedigree.
Although, she was the product of a famous GCH. and his own daughter.
She finished her Championship on ONE weekend! 
She was my foundation for white and gave me my pride and Joy GCH. Ch. Blanca Nieves aka Neige, who won the Specialty of PCC in 2015.
Clarita was bred only twice because after her second breeding we discovered she had  Thyroid issues due to inbreeding, she had to be medicated during the rest of her life.

Ch. “Alegria GLOW Joya de Plata”

aka Joya

May 23, 2010/ 26 Dec. 2023

ADC (Agility Dog of Canada Novice)

SGDC (Starters Games Dog of Canada)

She retired in 2016

My Story/ Mon Histoire

Joya was a very special the love of my life...

I always fancied a silver poodle and there was none in Quebec or Canada at the time... I had to go to Arizona to get her.
She passed all her health testing, but got very ill when we moved to St-Zotique with Pancreatitis, we almost lost her then. However with continuous visits and blood panels we managed to keep her for many more years. She also suffered a dislocated hip, and went through an operation and physiotherapy. She recovered from that and then needed another operation for a breast tumor. Finally also in 2023 she was in to many medications and she gave up on Christmas day. We sadly miss her welcoming us and visitors with a waggle tail.

Ch. “Silver Eljano Vom Orechers Hof”

aka König

Born April 17, 2011/ 12 June 2023

ADC (Agility Dog of Canada Novice)

SGDC (Starters Games Dog of Canada)


My Story/ Mon Histoire

He was born in Germany, and he was the king of the pack for many years.
He was a gentle leader with great personality and gave kisses and washed Joya's eyes to greet her.
He and Joya are the foundation of my silver line.

He was very smart and learned agility quicky being one of the  fastest runners.
He was very bonded to me, and used to play a game to Daniel, pretending he was going to bite him if he touched me.

GCh. Ch.“GLOW Blanca Nieves”

aka Neige

Born June 2, 2013/Christmas 2020,

Adopted  missed and loved By Sylvia Paduc Jimenes



My Story/ Mon Histoire

There is not enough I can say about Neige. I loved her dearly! <3
She was my Pride and Joy!
She was a Specialty winner at PCC in 2015, she was a quick learner in agility, she was a therapy dog, 
When I moved to St-Zotique, the house was  going through many repairs, including the backyard full of mud and not easy to keep a show dog, even less a white princess. 

She was very finiky and she wanted to be special and the only one.

I had a friend who wanted a white dog and she loved to have Neige. Sylvia Paduc Jimenes, gave her all her heart and a loving home. It broke my heart when she called me crying that Neige needed an appointment for an infection and we could not find a veterinary who would take her during Covid. Neige died during the night beside Sylvia at Christmas time.                    

Selena-head Thetford_2009_n.jpg

“Ch. GLOW Bright Selena”

aka Selena

Born 13 July 2013


When Tinsel was lost, I got depressed and just looking at Selena made me cry, because she looked so much like Tinsel.
A couple came to adopt Lulu and instead Selena clicked with them. The lady took her as a foster family but made some changes on my contract tricking me into co-ownership. 
Even though, she was a champion with great health testing, I had to allow this lady to keep her after the second breeding.
The product of the first breeding with my GCH.  Mivida Cyr Aramis with Glow was Titania, who is a Top Producer of GCHs.
Selena still lives in Quebec city with the same lady that trained her in obedience.

“Ch. GLOW Heavenly Joy”

aka Joy

Born July 6, 2016

She is co-owned by Laurie Pretty and lives in Rockland, Ottawa


My Story/ Mon Histoire

Joy is the daughter of König and Joya. She is very dainty like her father was. 
She was placed on a foster home with Laurie Pretty  and she is very well loved.

I tried to breed her only once, because I needed a small stud and when I finally found him, she was carrying 4 puppies that died the next day due to Veterinary miscalculation of teh due date for C-section.   
She got too old to breed and she is spaded and lives happily with her forever family and one son of Poupee called Archi.                        


Glow Jasmin Pride de Pura Lana

aka Lana

Born Dec 13, 2017


My Story/ Mon Histoire
Health tests OFA  

Optigen: PRA “A”I= Normal by parentage

CERF -  annual Normal 2019

Poupée_8475 head.jpg

“Ch. GLOW Poupée de Soie”

aka Poupée

Born Sep 7, 2017

Retired 2021


My Story/ Mon Histoire
Health tests                              

Optigen: PRA “A”,   Tested Normal  

DM and CDDY-IVDD = Clear

CERF= 2018 & 2019 Normal

OFA Patella's = Good
OFA Hips = Good

VGL Diversity Certificate

All tests available upon request

OFA Link 


“Ch. GLOW Sparkling Tinsel Bell”

aka Tinsel

Born 22 Sep, 2012/ Lost Aug 2016


I loved Tinsel, She was petite like König and she was from the first litter of Joya with König.
She had excellent hips and health testing. She was the mother of Selena and Khrome when bred to Nemo from Palman Poodles. Khrome and Selena are behind my present silver lines.

Again thanks to my neighbor Marjorie, who called the city, I had to place Tinsel on a foster family.
She was trained in agility and quick learner...
She was loved in the new family and she bonded deeply with the children.

When they were away at summer vacations, the neighbor took her out with no leash and she jumped the fence. 
We looked for her in Ile Bizard during several month, for many hour a day, with sometimes help from friends and tracking dogs. We don't know if someone kidnapped her or she got killed by a wild animal.
I hope she is still living and in a good home.


“Ch. GLOW Titania the Queen Fairy” TP

aka Tita

Born May 19, 2018


My Story/ Mon Histoire

Titania was a great dog and she gave me amazing puppies with Wiggins.

She is a top producer with many GCHs.
She has great health testing and produced large litters.
I placed her with Less and Elizabeth in the fall of 2021. They give her a wonderful life... They live in 14 acres of land with trails in the woods and plenty of play with her favorite toy "the ball"
She sometimes have playdates with her grandson Casper that lives close by in the rural Ottawa area.

She was the alpha bitch, the leader of the pack after Joya retired of old age. 

_Wiggins head_0102.jpg

“Ch. Snowbound Wiggins” TP

aka Wiggins

Born 24 March 2015
Retired but Frozen sperm available


My Story/ Mon Histoire

I bought Wiggins  from Sharon of Morning Glory, Texas, in 2019 and he had already produced at least 2 American Champions. 
I needed an older male because I had to breed Titania and the silvers I could use in Canada did not have the Health testing I required.
There was not much on the pedigree in common with my line and that  was a perfect match producing lovely silvers. 
Many people realized his beauty and health testing very appropriate for their breeding program.

His last breeding with Lana produced my GCH. Glow Snow White Princess aka Nieves.     
After this last breeding he developed an inflammation on the prostrate, and he retired to a home in Laval where he is a cherished member of the family.  

Soleil head.jpg

“Ch. LeeAnns Rayon de Soleil”

aka Soleil

Born Oct 11, 2017

Retired 2022



My Story/ Mon Histoire
Health tests                              

Optigen: PRA “A”,  tested Normal

DM tested Clear

CERF= normal 2018 & 2019

OFA Hips Good

OFA Patella's normal

NEW !!! VGL Diversity Certificate 

All available upon request

Head Oprah_8143 - Copy.jpg

Ch. “Gulfbreeze GLOW Oprah the Show Girl

aka Oprah

Born Dec 9, 2017



My Story/ Mon Histoire
Health tests OFA:

Optigen: PRCD= Normal,

CERF= Normal 2018

DM= Cl


"Ch. LeeAnns Glow Dulce de Leche"

aka Dulce

Born May 14, 2020

Retired after two breedings.


My Story/ Mon Histoire
Gensol Health tests:

Most tests     Clear

Patellas and hips on OFA

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