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 " Ch. Glow Tiatnia the Queen Fairy" aka Tita

Née le

19 de Mai 2018


pour la version Française.


Titania was born

May 19, 2018


From the first breeding of our silver foundation female Ch. Alegria Glow Joya de Plata, with our German import Ch. Silver Eljano Vom Orechers Hof, I got two males and one female.


We kept Tinsel, and we breed her to  Ch. Palman's Nautilus aka Nemo.

Tinsel is the mother of Selena, which I bred to Alfiw (my white GCh. ) he caries silver and they gave me 3 beautiful puppies. Tita was the only silver.












For all dogs pedigree, titles, talents, and health testing go to main page of our dogs /nos chiens

Health tests:

Optigen: PRA “A”= normal by parentage

CERF- 2019 normal

Patella's   & Hips = Good and excellent on parents
She will be tested at 24 month

VGL Available



Titania was the first born in the first litter of Selena with my Grand-champion Mivida Cyr Aramis with Glow aka Alfie


Selena & Alfie produced 1 Silver girl, one blue and one black. I could not resist to keep Titania.


She has a great personality and is very funny.

First mayor 2 points_2294.jpg
56781006_Candid Champion.jpg
First Show.jpg

Like her father Alfie, Titania is a natural show dog …

She was beautifully groomed by Shown Shanon. Shona has one of Neige’s babies called Lili.  She was practicing the puppy clip with my poodles and practice makes perfect! J
Shona even got first place with Lili on a grooming competition in Alberta!

Rafael showed my dogs lately, and he did a great job at Scarborough with Titania, where she made her first 2 points BOB. Later at  Winsor Quebec last April, there was a lot of competition and Titania completed her championship getting BOB every day and making 11 more points!


Titania_ 56922926_movement.jpg
CKC Ch_0174.jpg
Tita New Champion_2735 mini poodle.jpg
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